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Periscope about accessibility in government

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Landscape picture of Alistair Duggin, Head of Accessibility at GDS, standing in front of a screen. On the screen is the text 'Making accessibility easy'

What is accessibility? How do you make digital services accessible? How do you scale accessibility across government? Alistair Duggin (@dugboticus), Head of Accessibility at GDS answered your questions live on Periscope. Interviewer: Hello, internet. We are broadcasting on Periscope from …

Part 1: Insight into managing online communities

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Presentation slide with the words 'Putting users at the heart of everything we do'

Ever wondered what community management involves at the Government Digital Service? My name’s Suhail, and I’m a Community Manager at GDS - I’m going to talk about how we manage our communities day-to-day in this two-part blog series. Understanding our …

You know why we blog, here’s how we blog

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Post-it with maintain attention to detail written on it

In August 2015, the GDS blog reached 1 million hits since we transitioned the platform to GOV.UK. Now that we’ve reached this landmark, we thought we would share some tips on how we blog on the government blogging platform. You can read more about how blogging’s been working for us in our recent post.