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New Twitter Profiles

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What you need to know:

We're not going to bore you with image dimensions as there are loads of great posts already out there (we like this one from Buffer - Marketing Tips for your new Twitter Profile)

There are a few things that we wanted to draw your attention to though. We love how easy it is to change your profile colours (ours is now GDS blue) and we like that your most engaging tweets automatically become larger on your profile. This means that alongside being able to manually pin a tweet to the top, your most popular tweets will immediately stand out on your page.

All of this helps with your social proof, which leads us to...

Favourites and social proof


As you'll see on our new profile - favourites have moved to the main navigation. This has some interesting implications.

In 2014, it's (rightly) seen as slightly brash to retweet "look how great we are" tweets. However, it's important that people are able to easily access complimentary tweets, as they're a useful demonstration of customer service satisfaction.

The new Twitter profile allows much easier access to favourites, and is a great opportunity for social proof for those who are looking for it.

No longer is there a need to shout from the rooftops about how great your service is.

If people need reassurance that you're trustworthy and care about customer service/user needs, there's a really easy place for them to find a constant and up to date source of information.

I also see favourites serving @GDSTeam as a way to highlight content that might not be appropriate for us to share, but we still want to indicate we like.

Many people will already be favouriting positive tweets as a form of recognising the community for their feedback. Given their new prominence, we'll be paying more attention to what we're favouriting and thinking of it less as a "read it later" button - that's what Pocket is for after all 😉

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